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Eleuthera and Harbour Island Visitor Guide

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Eleuthera and Harbour Island are actually two adjacent islands in the "Out Islands" of the Bahamas. There's a short water taxi ride in between. We'll start our tour at Pink Sand Beach on Harbour Island (Dunmore Town). We visited in December, so if this is your idea of a lovely Christmas scene, we're with you. There aren't many hotels in the area, but there are a few right around this lovely beach, including the Romora Bay Resort and Marina, Valentine's Resort and Marina, and the Coral Sands Hotel.

eleuthera visitors guide - pink sand beach

There are three airports on Eleuthera: North Eleuthera, Governor's Harbour in the middle of the island, and Rock Sound to the south. If you want to visit Harbour Island, it's easiest to fly into North Eleuthera.

Our next panorama is from the southern part of Eleuthera, at an idyllic spot called Tarpum Bay.

eleuthera visitors guide - tarpum bay

The largest town on Eleuthera is Governor's Harbour, which is in the middle of the island. Tha photo below is from Club Med Beach, in Governor's Harbour.

eleuthera visitors guide - club med beach

Eleuthera is about 110 miles long and one or two miles wide, and it sits between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. There's a glass-window bridge on the north part of the island where you can see both the Atlantic and the Caribbean. If you find yourself in Governor's Harbour on a Friday night, don't miss the Friday Night Fish Fry!

eleuthera visitors guide - rainbow bay

The beaches on the Atlantic and Caribbean sides of Eleuthera are very different in character. Above is a shot of Rainbow Bay.