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Aspen Visitors Guide

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Destination: Aspen, Colorado
Featured Hotel: The St. Regis, Aspen

In the summertime, you can drive into Aspen over Independence Pass. The road over the summit is closed in the winter. Here's a view from the top, up above 12,000 feet. There was still just a little bit of snow left when we shot this, in late July.

independence pass

On the way down from the summit through the valley into Aspen, the scenery is incredible, with views like this one around nearly every turn. There are lots of great places to stay, including the Hotel Jerome, the Gant, the St. Regis, Aspen Meadows, and the Little Nell.

aspen valley

Here's the view from Aspen Square.

aspen square

Aspen itself is a charming town, home to many rich and famous, and, despite being small, has shopping to rival Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, and, much like Lahaina, Maui, there's an astounding proliferation of art galleries.

You might not recognize it without the snow, but Aspen Mountain is quite lovely even in the summer.

And finally, here's one more view from Independence Pass, taken as we were driving to Vail.