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Rome Visitors Guide

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Rome is called the Eternal City because of it's central importance in history from the days of the Roman Empire until the present. Buildings, fountains, and artifacts from Ancient Rome and the Renaissance stand side-by-side with baroque architecture from the Age of Enlightenment and modern shops and office buildings. A visit to Rome is truly a unique experience.

The images on the page below link to QuickTime VR panoramas. Rome's pastel colored buildings lend themselves perfectly to watercolor paintings, so in a new (and we think unique) experiment we've provided watercolor versions of each panorama - so now you can be "inside a 360 degree painting". Use the watercolor links to view "watercolored" panoramas.

Coloseum and Arch of Constantine View as watercolor

We'll start our tour at the Colosseum. That's the Arch of Constantine in the foreground. Hotels near the Colosseum include the Grand Hotel Palatino and the Forum Hotel.

Roman Forum View as watercolor

The Roman Forum is just west of the Colosseum. Here you can walk in the footsteps of Caesar. Via dei Fori Imperiali runs along the north side of the Forum and you'll find the Capitoline Museum at the other end, along with Piazza Venezia and the Monument to Victor Emmanuelle.

Trevi Fountain View as watercolor

If you walk a few blocks north from Piazza Venezia down Via del Corso and then turn right, you'll soon come to the Trevi Fountain. Hotels in this area include the Barberini Hotel , the Academia Hotel, and the Hotel Delle Nazoini.

Spanish Steps View as watercolor

A short distance from the Trevi Fountain are the Spanish Steps, (shown above), Villa Borghese, and Via Veneto. Some of the best hotels in the city can be found in this area, including the St. Regis Grand Hotel Rome, Westin Excelsior Rome, InterContinental Rome De La Ville, and Hotel Majestic Roma.

Piazza Navona View as watercolor

Heading back across Via del Corso to the west you'll pass the Pantheon and Piazza Navona. Hotels in this neighborhood include the Grand Hotel de la Minerve, and Albergo del Senato.

Saint Peter's Square View as watercolor

Continuing to the west across the Tiber River, we come to Vatican City. Above is a panoramic look at St. Peter's Square. Hotels near the Vatican include Starhotels Michelangelo, Atlante Star Hotel, and Saint George Roma.

Tiber Island as seen from Ponte Palatino View as watercolor

If you follow the river southward from the Vatican for a couple of miles, you'll come to Tiber Island (shown above, the view from Ponte Palatino) and the quiet, peaceful area of Rome known as Trastavere. There's a beautiful church here called the Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastavere. Don't miss it if you're in the neighborhood. Hotels in Trastevere include the Trilussa Palace Hotel.

Spanish Steps View as watercolor

Rome is such a beautiful city that it was difficult to limit what we showed you to a single page. If you like the photography on this page, we've got posters available in our Rome gallery on Artist Rising. Meanwhile here's another look at the Spanish Steps (above), and a panorama from Piazza del Popolo at the top of "the Trident" below.

Piazza del Popola and the Trident View as watercolor

The Trident refers to the three streets that exit Piazza del Popolo to the south: Via del Babuino (which heads to the Spanish Steps and Piazza di Spagna), Via del Corso (which runs down the center to Piazza Venezia and is one of the main shopping streets in Rome, and Via de Repetta (which runs toward the Tiber River and the Vatican. The streets of the trident are separated by the two churches shown above. For your convenience in visualizing this, you might want to consult our interactive Rome Hotel Map, where you can find Piazza del Popolo and the top of the trident between the river and Villa Borghese.