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London 2012 Olympics Guide

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The 2012 Summer Olympic Games (Games of the XXX Olympiad) will take place in London from 27 July to 12 August 2012. The London Olympics Visitors Survival Guide provides both a reference to the London 2012 Games and a highly visual guide to the capital's world-class attractions.

If you're heading to London for the Olympics (or for any other reason), don't get on the plane without this book on your Kindle Fire or iPad.

London Olympics Guide

Optimised for the Kindle Fire screen, complete with over 150 high resolution panoramic photographs of London's most popular (and some lesser known) attractions, this ebook provides an indispensable companion for your visit to London during the Olympics.

Many of London's Olympic venues are scattered around the city, so you'll want to make the most of your visits to these venues, and explore more of what the city has to offer. For example, the Sherlock Holmes museum is just down the street from the Olympic archery competition; or you could go shopping at Harrods and visit the Victoria and Albert Museum on the way to see a volleyball match.

The book presents a series of walking tours around Hyde Park and the Serpentine (where the marathon outdoor swimming events will take place), Westminster, the Thames, the West End, and even takes you on a photo safari with Henry VIII's wild deer in Richmond Park - after having staked out the best view to see the cycling road race go zipping by.

Olympics visitors will appreciate:

All London visitors will appreciate:

Free from the constraints of paper and ink, this book truly embraces the electronic medium. A prodigious number of high-resolution panoramic colour photos and a series of interactive maps within the chapters enable superior navigation.

The reader is also encouraged to "Explore More” about a range of topics of interest using the internet, and without being overwhelmed by reference material.

If you also install the Magic Carpet Hotel Finder app (a free download on the Amazon App Store), you'll be able to tap a link in the book to find and book nearby hotels on an interactive map.

For more about London, consult our London Visitors Guide.